Firestone upgrades Tractor Tyres

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Firestone upgrades Tractor Tyres

Bridgestone, has announced a series of upgrades to its Firestone F151 and F206 tractor tyres. The tyre company said the new specification tyres are tailored to suit the abilities of modern, more powerful tractors.

“The two models of tyre are available in a wide range of sizes, and all except the F206 15-30 LOG(already available in ten ply) are now manufactured with extra plies to increase load ratings,” said Bridgestone General Manager of Marketing, Tony Burns. “The ply rating is increased by two plies for the majority of sizes while the F206 14-28 is raised from six plies to twelve. This provides for a substantial hike in the tyre’s load rating.”

 The increased ply count of the upgraded tyres means higher tyre pressures are required, and Bridgestone has advised users to consult Bridgestone Commercial dealers to ensure vehicle operators and maintenance staff are aware of the amended pressures.

While it is commonplace for tractor tyres to feature tread bars set at 45 degrees from the axle line, both the F151 and F206 feature a 23 degree bar angle. This allows an increased tyre footprint which reduces ground pressure and soil compaction. It also reduces soil disturbance when working in previously ploughed fields.

The larger footprint enables better torque transfer on powerful tractors, reducing wheelspin and giving a more constant vehicle speed in challenging field conditions. This has additional benefits such as lower wear and fuel consumption, more accurate operation, and reduced operator fatigue.

“Firestone is South Africa’s leading brand of tyres for agricultural equipment, and we’re confident the upgraded F151 and F206 will provide a competitive edge for farmers looking to get the best out of their modern tractors,” Burns concluded.