Goodyear appoints new Managing Director to spearhead local operations


Goodyear appoints new Managing Director to spearhead local operations

New energy, renewed vision at Goodyear South Africa as the Company appoints new Managing Director to spearhead local operations.

Johannesburg – No stranger to the tyre manufacturing industry, Piotr Czyzyk was recently appointed as managing director for Goodyear South Africa, where he has served in a number of roles and markets for the past 17 years. While in his erstwhile role as PBU Commercial Director in Europe, Czyzyk was responsible for overseeing the Central Europe operation, garnering keen insights into the global market, consumer behavior, as well as the shifting dynamics of demand and supply.

“I have had the good fortune of forging a career, gaining a wealth of experience and growing an international stakeholder network at a company which is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. My skills and passion have been harnessed for nearly 20 years, in a place where, quite literally, the rubber hits the road,” says Czyzyk.

He continues: “As a gateway into the rest of the continent, South Africa is a key market for Goodyear, not only in terms of strengthening our geographic footprint and regional ties, but also in proving our ability to innovate local solutions which draws on our global insights.”

Czyzyk says, “This new economy is a challenge for every business, so new ideas and perhaps, unconventional thinking is what is needed for companies such as ours to thrive under new conditions.” He adds that Goodyear has built its reputation in the market by remaining a customer-centric business, remaining relentless in its pursuit of cutting-edge innovation, and he believes he has the right team to lead the business into the new year.

Goodyear South Africa made two additional strategic appointments in 2020 in its bid to remain the country’s preferred supplier: With a tenure at the company that spans little over a decade, Commercial Product Business Unit Director Wayne Nicholson was given the charge of commercial business in June earlier this year.

And in November 2020, seasoned executive with a flair for strategy development and refinement, Yugan Moodley joined Goodyear South Africa in November 2020 as Consumer Product Business Unit Director. Over the past 25 years, Moodley has distinguished himself across a number of industries, often times redefining the business models of companies in transition.

“The global knowledge economy is evolving at an accelerated pace, now more than ever, and businesses such as Goodyear understand the value of retaining best of breed, individuals such as Nicholson and Moodley, who know how to transform their experience and insights into strategic value and meaningful action,” offers Czyzyk.

He continues: “Much as our success is directly proportional to a product and service offering which meets world class standards, we know that our success depends on people too.” Czyzyk says since he joined the team in South Africa three years ago, he has witnessed first-hand Goodyear South Africa’s ability to address complex client needs with real-time solutions in a consistent manner.

“Our clients know that we are as committed to their success as we are to ours. The two are inextricably linked, and this has been a key factor in Goodyear’s ongoing achievement in the local market.”