SATMC Unveils Homegrown #DrivingLocal Initiative: Empowering Local Manufacturing in South Africa

In a move to highlight the importance of domestic manufacturing within the tyre industry, the South African Tyre Manufacturers Conference (SATMC) has unveiled its new Homegrown #DrivingLocal initiative and logo in August 2023, in collaboration with member companies, Bridgestone Southern Africa, Continental Tyre South Africa, Goodyear South Africa, and Sumitomo Rubber South Africa.

SATMC’s Homegrown #DrivingLocal initiative calls upon South Africans to rally behind their local tyre industry and contribute towards a vibrant economic landscape and a safer, more prosperous future for all. In line with the South African Automotive Masterplan 2035, the local tyre industry is at the forefront of driving localisation in the automotive sector.

The new Homegrown #DrivingLocal logo is emblematic of the local tyre industry’s values of: