Inflation Pressure recommendations for Recreational (4x4) vehicles


For 4×4 tyres that are frequently exposed to different conditions and extreme stresses, regular tyre checks are crucial.


Tyres must always be inflated to the on-road pressures indicated in the vehicles manufacturer’s manual.

Under- or over-inflated tyres will cause irregular tyre wear and will have different behavior to correctly inflated tyres.


  • On rough terrain, slight under-inflation ( ±10%) is preferable.

  • To prevent ploughing over loose ground, use 50% of the recommended pressure with very low speeds on short runs to avoid heat build-up in tyres.
  • Over sand, 25 – 45% under-inflation improves flotation
  • On mud and snow, pressure reductions over 30% are NOT recommended.
  • Any further reductions below 50% of pressure are not recommended as it provides only slight traction gain while exposing the tyre to structure fatigue.
  • Tyres must always be re-inflated a.s.a.p. to correct working pressure after off-road driving.
  • It is highly recommended that after every off-road trip, the tyres should be removed from the vehicle and the inside of the sidewall should be inspected.

Tyre maintenance is critical, and that includes adjusting the tyre pressure to suit the conditions.

Deflated tyres allow sand into the rim flanges which damages the rim flanges and bead of the tyres.