Bridgestone Enters South African Agricultural Tyre Market

Bridgestone has launched its range of ultra-high-performance tyres designed for South Africa’s demanding agricultural sector. Willie Stander, Agriculture Manager at Bridgestone Southern Africa, says that the new agriculture range is in line with Bridgestone’s emphasis on providing solutions for targeted industry sectors.

“Bridgestone entered the agricultural sector in Europe as far back as 2013. Backed up by Bridgestone’s usual high-quality research and development (R&D), the Bridgestone agriculture range has gained a significant share of the market serving the larger, most powerful agricultural vehicles and equipment,” he says.

“Bringing this brand into the South African agricultural sector makes great sense given the fact that our farmers are renowned for adopting the latest and best technology to improve their profitability. South African farmers receive substantially less protection and financial support than many competitor countries, so their success is due in no small part to their ability to use technology to overcome the challenges of farming under challenging conditions.”

Bridgestone’s Firestone brand has been active in the agricultural sector for a number of years. The introduction of the Bridgestone brand widens the company’s solution offering to take in the top end of the market. Bridgestone agriculture tyres will be supported locally by the established support team, with a full range of training, product clinics and on-site product analysis as needed by customers.

Bridgestone is renowned for its commitment to R&D, investing substantially per year on staying ahead of the technology curve. In 2019, it announced the creation of Bridgestone Innovation Park in Japan, which aims to expand the company’s existing R&D capabilities. The new Bridgestone agriculture tyre range benefits enormously from this R&D.

Bridgestone’s launch offering in South Africa comprises of the VT-combine, VT-Tractor, and VX-Tractor.

The flagship of Bridgestone’s agriculture range, the VT-Tractor radial tyre, is designed for the most advanced, heavy, and sophisticated machines. It contributes to lower fuel consumption due to its ability to work at lower pressures, even when operating under higher loads. The VF technology (Very High Flexion) in this product also supports lower pressures, which leads to improved traction and an increased footprint, reducing soil compaction.

Its sister product, the VT-Combine radial tyre also consists of VF and IF technology. It is designed to offer greater productivity during the busy harvest period. It is highly durable and can carry heavier loads and has a larger footprint for lower soil compaction and outstanding traction.

The VX-Tractor tyre offers increased longevity due to its robust casing, greater lug volume, and higher wear resistant compound. This product is designed to deliver longer wear life on road and field.

Over time, the company will expand the range on offer in line with market demand.

“The Bridgestone agriculture tyre range offers solutions to many important challenges facing South Africa’s farming community,” Stander concludes. “We are confident that South African farmers will respond positively to the benefits our technological innovations, and excellent support offered to them over the long term.”